“Research Support” after “Preclinical”
Preclinical Support Services
  • Discovery and preclinical services in multiple species with a focus on the non-human primate (NHP) research model
  • Serve as a support partner to CRO, Pharma, Government & Academia
NHP Sourcing
  • Wide range of species for various research requirements
  • Sourcing of various NHP species including Cynomolgus, Rhesus, African Greens, Pigtails, Squirrel, Marmosets & Baboons
NHP Quarantine & Housing
  • CDC approved regional facilities
  • Our facilities meet USDA standards and are supported by AALAS certified technical staff
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place
  • On site 24/7 monitored environmental and security systems
  • Short & long term holding
  • Pair/Group housing & enrichment
  • Conditioning, training & acclimation
NHP Breeding
  • Extensive operational, veterinary and genetic expertise
  • Client customized breeding programs
Bio & Tissue Services
  • Optimizing the usefulness of valuable research models
  • Offering biological products & services in various species with an emphasis on NHPs
Genetic Investigations
  • PCR-based DNA genotyping using microsatellite and SNP analysis
  • Geographic region of origin
  • Individual variation (Heterozygosity)
  • Relatedness index
  • Group diversity
Management & Consultancy
  • Team of highly experienced & multi-faceted professionals offering 150 years of industry expertise
  • Organization and management assistance & collaboration for complex study requirements
  • Sales & marketing consultancy services focused on rapid growth
  • Market assessment and strategy based on short-term/long-term milestones
Study Design Development
  • Proof of concept protocols/studies for new technologies
  • Modifications of standard testing methodology for new therapeutic modalities
Resource Identification
  • Matching study requirements with cost effective and scientifically valid solution